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Crude oil

Crude soybean oil is oil extracted from soybean flakes with mixed hexanes. The solvent is removed to produce the initial crude oil.

Soya deo distillate

Soya deodorizer distillate is a by-product of the soybean oil refining produced in the deodorization step. It typically consists of mixture of tocopherols (vitamin-e), sterols, fatty acids, glycerides, hydrocarbons. This product contains mixed Tocopherols and is used into manufacturing of Vitamin E. It is an important source of natural tocopherols and phytosterols corresponding approximately 8%… Continue reading Soya deo distillate

Acid oil

Soybean oil is first neutralized. The soap stock obtained is collected in an acid proof vessel and acidified at optimum temperature. The fatty matters are then separation from the soap-water-oil mixture with the help of acidification process. The fatty matter is finally collected separately as acid oil and stored in our storage tanks.